Welcome To A New Start

A Program focused 100% on Your Recovery

Sober Living Recovery was founded to solve a fundamental problem with the addiction crisis: the people who need the help the most are often those who cannot afford it. Many traditional programs are inaccessible for individuals dealing with addiction and, are not long enough to help someone reach a full recovery.

Living Proof* was designed to provide an affordable, long term option for individuals in need. Our low-cost model relies on individual commitment and community-based accountability. We are more than a facility- we are a family of residents who are working together to find a new life in recovery.


"Don’t feel disillusioned by where you are right now. Your progress is enough. It’s meaningful, its on time… Every silent step is movement in the right direction… Remember that every moment in this journey will play a part in the greater narrative..."


Sobriety is more than just not using.

It is creating a new life that supports it.

Do not wait to be ‘ready’. Start from where you are with whatever tools you have, and better tools will be found along the way.


We Are Living Proof

Designed by individuals in recovery for individuals in recovery.  100% client focused, and 

dedicated to serving individuals who are ready to make a change. When you are ready to take the first step toward a new life, we are waiting to help you on your journey.

Whenever You Are Ready, We Are Here To Help You On Your Journey

Sober Living Recovery



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